I quit my job

I really tried to make it work.
For the past few months I worked about 20 hours a week at the Chick Fil A in Broomfield.
The managers were great, my co-workers friendly and kind, and the customers were awesome!
But the work just about killed me.

After two weeks, I developed an ear infection that just raged for a week, missed that week of work, and then I was determined to just suck it up and fit this thing into my life.
For the past few weeks I’ve worked the lunch shift almost every day, six days a week, and on sunday I would go to church – the restaurant was closed on sundays.
At work the other day I became ill and took off before my shift was over. I had made my decision, I was going back to being a full time Mommy.
Ironically I figured something out in our finances yesterday that saved us four hundred dollars a month in monthly payments, which is exactly how much I was bringing home in that pathetic little paycheck.
So, although we are swimming under a mountain of financial obligations…we are going to make it, at least until the economy or the dollar collapses.
After that?
I figure Heavenly Father has a few tricks up his sleeve to help we the people save our republic.
Jenny Hatch
The Natural Family BLOG
“Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!”

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