Jenny Hatch with her five children
Jenny Hatch with her five children

I had a woman respond to one of my threads at Free Republic the other day.

She had been early pregnant when she had the H1N1 Vaccine and promptly lost her babe. 
She was curious to know when it would be possible to have another child after losing the one she was carrying.
With a lump in my throat I responded to her with these words:


“I don’t know when it would be good for you to try again.


There is some evidence that the manufacturers put a substance into the vaccine to cause sterility.


You would really benefit from trying to get your hands on the manufacturer, batch number of the shot you had, and/or any identifying information about the actual ingredients of the vaccine you were given.


Prayerfully, I hope that you will be able to have another child soon.




During the past few months I have done everything in my sphere of influence to warn mothers of the great risks of getting that vaccine.  I have written dozens of blog posts, articles, columns, yelled on Facebook, chat rooms, organized a protest that was graciously attended by the vaccine manufacturers number one nemesis – Leonard Horowitz –  I”ve spent hours making videos, being interviewed on the radio, praying, pondering what I could do to help spread the word, etc etc…


But it all comes down to this one mothers heartfelt question…”When can I have another baby?”


With the evidence indicating that not only does the vaccine cause miscarriage but also contains elements that will permanently sterilize women, how do you share that information with someone who just wants to be a Mom and has perhaps just lost the last baby that she will ever conceive?


As I typed the above words to Kristin, I just about threw up.


Frontline had a big story on the “anatomy of a pandemic” the other night and they talked about perhaps 2,000 women losing babes in miscarriage due to the vaccine.


This propaganda from those who want to depopulate was simply to soothe we the people as the reality of the carnage started to be manifest.  Well it is manifesting in the death of the babes whose mothers had the shot.  And I want to scream with frustration.


Who is keeping track of these murders?  Who is going to be held accountable for the deaths?  Who is going to stop the Genocide taking place right under our noses?  I just had an email from our BVSD school district yesterday annoucing the H1N1 vaccine would be available at the district building for free, and then a second email this morning letting me know that the vaccine clinic was full.


Do the innocents lining up for the shot realize that they will probably be unable to have any children after getting the shot?


This is Boulder Colorado, where we have one of the biggest vaccine rejectionist communities in the country!  And the clinic is full?


Who is going to stop this madness?


My greatest joy as a woman has been to have the privledge of giving birth to my sons and daughters.  Of watching them grow and develop into the beautiful and spiritual beings that they have become.


How dare those agenda driven nothings who want to “save the world” from “too many people” come into the bodies of innocents with toxins and sterilants who just want to live healthy, whole, and free and make it impossible for them to procreate!!!  These people ALL need to be arrested and locked up.


Parents and grandparents, please help spread the word, please take the blinders off your eyes.  Please stand up to the Genocidists in your community and start asking questions.  My gut feeling is that most involved in dispensing the shots are completely clueless about what is happening.  But you can choose to confront them with the facts and start asking questions, many, many questions about why you, or your wife, or your daughters or your grandaughter just miscarried.


We have to stop this thing.

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