Update: Sarah Palins book

I’m on page 115 and this book is blowing my mind.  Sarah Palin has an amazing background.

A couple of highlights:

Sarahs contemplative prayer on page 83:

“Let me not become disconnected from you, Lord.

Like that red kite, let there be a connecting string between you and me, so that I can fly high and safe as You’ve created all people to do.

With that string I will go where You want me to go.

I’ll be what You want me to be.

Thank You for Your grace.”

I guess what has touched me the most is how much of a bookworm she is.  As I read of her childhood adventures with books, her parents close supervision of her television habits (My parents set up similar rules during my childhood, even going so far as to put a lock on the television that could only be opened with keys attached to the car keys – my brothers and I spent quality time trying to swipe those keys so we could sneak a few minutes of viewing before getting caught), her interest in current events at a tender age, especially politics, have really endeared her to me.  My love affair with books neve stops and  I wrote about political issues in my journal when I was eleven.

I suppose it was this sense of a kindred spirit as she campaigned last year that really touched me.  I gave birth to the first of my five children a few months before she had her oldest son.  And her absolute devotion to free markets, limited government, and making things easier for small business owners has been music to my ears as I have reviewed her story.  I am just at the point in the book where she is running for governor of Alaska and the grass roots campaigning, rejecting special interest money, and taking the time to meet with small town citizens instead of party lobbyists is so telling of where her heart is as a politician.

She is exactly what this country needs as a president, and I am planning to write and encourage her to run with every bit of passion possible these next few years.

This books is a fun read with a wonderful narrative and lots of details about Alaska and the Palin Family lifestyle.

I’ll write more about it later. 

If you haven’t already, go buy it.  Purchasing her book is a political statement in the current American Ideological Climate.

Jenny Hatch

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