Dr. Pooper says I’m ignorant

She’s blathering again against us homebirthers…

Once in a great while I am tempted to pull my young friends who are newly married and just getting ready to start a family aside and ask them to have a little chat…

I would ask them to imagine a world where the only thing Women know about sex is brutal rape.  And in this pathetic world, not one of the women was aware that anything else existed except the compulsion, control, manipulation, and horror of rape when they had sex.

And then I would ask them to imagine some person coming in to this group of women and attempting to teach them about normal, married, gentle, orgasmic sexuality.

It is the only analogy I can think of when considering the work that we who promote homebirth have been engaged in.

We are attempting to teach those who have been bullied, cut, drugged, sutured, manipulated with every form of media in the most intense psychological programming in the history of the world, that birth is normal, natural, safe, healthy, orgasmic, spiritual, satisfying, and should be done in the sanctity of the home.

Those who have been most brutalized and manipulated during Allopathic birth are often those most unwilling to look at homebirth as a reasonable option.

We now live in a world where the vast majority of Mothers have been groomed to accept birth rape as normal and healthy, and where most Fathers have been groomed to believe the best thing they can do for their wives is to hand them over to the medical profession when the baby is due to be born, and then humbly pay the bills.

We who have experienced the joy and beauty of homebirth want to yell to those families…”Free yourselves!  Freedom and health are waiting for you just on the other side of your leap of faith.”

Brave?  Ignorant?  Nope, just pure unadulterated FAITH!

Jenny Hatch

PS Dr. Amy is the party pooper of the homebirth movement