Dr. Amy in complete denial about the Sexuality of Childbirth

Orgasmic Childbirth on 20/20

From this rant on her blog, I think we can safely say “she” (and the ten twelve guys who play her on the web) has lost her marbles.

Orgasmic birth and other fairy tales

Amy, Paging Dr. Amy…

in the comment section to this post you claim:

“It’s not rare. It’s fabricated. As far as I can determine, it was never mentioned before 1992, and is only invoked by a subset of NCB advocates.”

I learned about orgasmic childbirth from Obstetrician Robert Bradley who wrote about it in his book Husband Coached Childbirth.

First published in 1965, Dr. Bradley of Bradley Birth fame details the mothers in his practice who experienced a birth climax while pushing their babes into the world.

I first read Dr. B’s book in 1988 and was introduced to the concept of painless childbirth, which I have been able to achieve with three of my vaginal births.

Many mothers do not experience painless birth as the depth of the episiotomy tends to damage the nerves in the vagina.  Also most women find it nearly impossible to get relaxed enough to experience a birth orgasm while a stranger is drugging their bodies into oblivion.

But whether a mother has a full blown orgasmic birth or just has a nice painless birth, both are possible with proper education, nutrition, relaxation, and a nice birthing environment in which to labor.

Now if you want to understand the reason that mothers are putting birth vids all over the web and helping to smash the medical model into oblivion where it belongs, you need to realize that we love our daughters and do not want to see them bullied and beat up while they welcome their babes in the coming decades.

That sort of love tends to enbolden women who feel the need to educate and SHARE THE GOOD NEWS with anyone who is interested in learning the facts about birth.  I have forced myself to tuck away my own modesty and reluctance to talk and teach Mothers about Orgasmic Birth because I am sick of people like you teaching young women lies about their bodies.

Jenny Hatch