Blogging Can Be Dangerous…Especially when the Trolls and Troglodytes of the New World Order don’t like what you write

A few weeks ago I finally was able to connect the dots and realized that the various attempts to shut me up over the past few years have a complete connection to other Bloggers, Whistleblowers, and Journalists on the Internet.  I figured others were being treated in the same manner, but I did not have any documented proof.

In this Video Presentation, a Podcast that was recorded on my Blog Talk Radio Show, I detail the various brutal tactics that have been used against me and my work.

Thanks to the dedicated work of Barbara Hartwell I was able to realize a pattern of behavior from those who have been attempting to silence my voice.

My Friends Sherri Kane and Leonard Horrowitz have been fierce and brave allies in this war.  Sherri was kind enough to publish the latest threats I have experienced on her blog.

In is perhaps Naive of me to think that justice will be served, but it is my prayer that at some point, someone in law enforcement will do some digging and find out the truth of what has been done to all of us these past few years…

and then Lock Up the Criminals and those who hired them.

Officers: The people pictured below would be a good place to start…

Jenny Hatch

To watch the whole podcast video click here