A few more soccer pictures

Ben is starting practice tonight with his favorite coach from the rec center league, he also has his best friends on the same team, so it should be a fun fall season…

Here are a couple more pictures and a video taken from last saturday. Jeff heard yesterday that he will be playing backup keep/goalie on the varsity team and Andy is confirmed on the JV team. I love our charter school because it is so small that even if you are not a club player in a particular sport, you can still get on the team and even make it onto the field for games instead of sitting on a bench all year. It makes sports so much more fun than playing for a big school and having to sit constantly in the shadows of the students who have made a sport their life for fifteen years. Our school does not have a football team, so the big Homecoming game/dance all revolve around Soccer.

So, for now, Soccer Mom is once again my official designation.

Jenny Hatch

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