One day trip to Glenwood Springs

Our children gave Paul and I a one night stay at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge for Christmas….

We finally found some time to book it and go last weekend.  His work has been kicking his trash for the past year and I have been sick, so it was difficult to find some time to break away from life.

We had a great time.  The weather was perfect, the drive was beautiful, and the pool so therapeutic I didn’t want to leave.

It is fun when the children start working and making some real money and decide to blow a little of it on Mom and Dad.

Makes me feel like all those sleepless nights were worth it.

Jenny Hatch

These guys were just walking around the park looking for tourists to take pictures with.

Quick Montage of our pictures and a video!

 Paul sitting on a really big chair!

So happy to have some alone time with my sweetie!

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