Huff Po sent my comment down the memory hole….they do this all the time


Not sure what makes my comments at Huffington Post so awful that they are continually published and then dumped. But the comment I made agreeing with Liz Cheney was sent down the memory hole

Here is a link to my Profile at Huffington Post:

When I checked my email box I had dozens of responses (32 exaxtly) to this comment:


How silly is it for Huffington Post to delete a comment for political reasons? I didn’t break any rules of engagement with this comment:

I totally agree with Liz Cheney.

Iraq is a beacon of Freedom in the middle east. I doubt anyone in Iran would have risked their lives by taking to the streets the summer of 2009 to demand Freedom without the Sacrifice of the American Military and Americas blood and treasure being spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Arab Spring that has taken place this past summer was also incubated in Fallujah and Bahgdad. The Women of these nations now or will soon have the opportunity for education and participation in the political process, and those opportunities will be a great blessing for generations to come.

Jenny Hatch

Many of the replies were deleted as well, but I don’t see anything offensive or ugly in the words that I typed.  Why was it removed Huff Po?

You can tell that the comment was up for a time and then was removed for some strange reason….

I hate censorship, especially when it is conducted against me!

Jenny Hatch


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