Raindrop Technique – My Favorite Essential Oils Application

Andy fifteen year old Birthday Picture 2011

The other day Andrew stayed home from school.  He has been adjusting to an intense schedule.  Early Morning Seminary starts at 6:10 am (This is a religion class for LDS teens that takes place at our local church every morning an hour before school begins), then to school, then soccer practice, and now he has soccer games two or three times a week.  He has also continued his landscaping job a few hours a week and has been helping to care for a neighbors yard while they were out of town.  With church attendance and never ending church activities, (teen dance on Saturday night), and scouts on tuesday nights, he has been busy!

I could tell he was getting overwhelmed on sunday and he was showing classic signs of dehydration and illness by sunday night.  I was not surprised on monday morning when he requested to stay home to sleep.  I have a different philosophy on this topic than most Parents.  I believe it is wise to allow a child to stay home and rest and rehydrate rather than force them to school and tell them to suck it up and be a man.  On Monday he had an away game for Soccer, and while I do not like him missing a game for an illness that was not serious in nature, if he had done his normal schedule, I have no doubt that the illness would have been shoved deeper into his tissues, thus requiring more time down the road for healing…

Instead he stayed home and bathed several times and I applied all of the oils in the Raindrop Technique Kit from Young Living.  This fabulous application costs about fourteen bucks per treatment – each kit comes with enough oils to do eleven or twelve “raindrops”.  By Monday night he was feeling much better and yesterday went back to his busy, activity packed life.

I have observed my children over the years push and push and push with this intense high school Mormon Teen Schedule.  I believe it is completely appropriate for them to occasionally take a day to rest and re-hydrate to prevent more serious illness.  I let them decide when this needs to happen and never push them to do more than they feel they can accomplish.

Here is a video I created several years ago to explain how to do a treatment in the home.

NOTE: * In the video I reference the Essential Oils Pocket Reference Book.  You can purchase it here. I also claim in the movie that the Raindrop Technique costs about $10.00, the price has gone up since them to about $14.00 Retail.  If you would like to learn how you can purchase these products for wholesale price, please contact me personally: Jenny@NaturalFamilyCo.com

We have literally given each other this massage application hundreds and hundreds of times over the years and it is everyone’s favorite alternative health protocol.  You don’t have to be a massage therapist to learn how to do it and each kit comes with an instructional DVD and booklet to teach you how to apply the oils correctly.

I have had my husband and kids give me this application during my latest pregnancy, while breastfeeding, and have used it on our very young children with great success.  I believe it is one of the most cost effective and inexpensive ways to heal a variety of illnesses and have used it on my family for just about all that ails us. While it is an investment to purchase the kit, retail is $157.57, each application costs less than a trip to the doc and empowers parents to take care of so much that would usually be handled by a professional.

Give it a try, you will be amazed by the results!

Jenny Hatch

PS I am a Young Living Distributor and receive a check from the company every month for my promotion of the oils.  Click here to order the Raindrop Technique Kit.

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