This is why I left the Republican Party…

Katie Wright at Age of Autism:

By Katie Wright

“Has the Republican Party lost its mind? Are they trying to alienate every mother, grandmother and young woman in the Unites States?

I thought the Republican party believed in the paramount importance of individual rights and responsibilities, financial accountability of the federal government to the taxpayers and primarily, the importance of getting big government out of our lives, especially our families’ lives.  Well you won’t know that from watching the recent Republican presidential debate.

Full disclosure: I live in New York City and am not a conservative but my vote is up for grabs.

Michele Bachmann was the only candidate tough enough to question Rick Perry about his mandatory HPV vaccination policy. Perry accepted $30,000 from the makers of the HPV vaccine and his chief of staff went on to earn $300,000 working for the vaccine company. That former chief of staff, now Merck lobbyist is, naturally, a major Perry fundraiser. Perry basically forced Texas families to choose between giving their pre teen girls an experimental vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease or an education. Now if that isn’t big government in our lives in a big way what is?

Naturally everyone jumped all over Michele Bachmann. Apparently Bachmann did not receive Secretary Sebelius’ memo strongly recommending that the media not discuss vaccine safety issues. Yes I am serious. Sebelius said, on the record, that she personally “reached out” to politicians and the media not to discuss vaccine safety issues. Scary right? I wish Secretary Sebelieus had “reached out” to the 2 million families affected by autism, 90% of whom are dissatisfied w/ NIH autism research.

Well Rick Perry argued that he “knows” the HPV vaccine is safe. Hmmmmm….Has Rick Perry ever been a woman, a mother, or a teenage girl? Has Rick Perry raised over 20 children? Has Rick Perry had in depth discussions with his daughters about menstruation and sexually transmitted diseases? Somehow I doubt it, but I bet Michele Bachmann has. It was very sad to see the only person standing up for the rights of these pre teen girls was a woman and a mother, Michele Bachmann.  These girls cannot legally give informed consent to this dangerous experimental vaccine – yet they are asked to take all the risk. Cervical cancer is almost 100% preventable with annual pap smears. How about starting at the start and making sure all these girls have access to basic health care before forcing them to be inoculated or be thrown out of school?”

I completely agree with Katie, and this issue is why I formally left the Republican party this past year. My vote is also up for grabs, actually it always has been, I always vote for the politician who will uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of The United States of America.

Michele Bachmann has my complete endorsement for POTUS, but anyone who can prove they are free from the taint of Crony Capitalism will earn my vote.

Jenny Hatch

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