Birth without Fear Blog: Normalizing Birth One Baby At a Time: An Unassisted Birth Story

I really loved reading this birth story today.  So inspiring!  Jenny Hatch

Normalizing Birth One Baby At a Time: An Unassisted Birth Story 

Jackson Timothy Lee
Born October 11th at 11:30pm.
7lbs, 20 inches

Our second unassisted birth was nothing like our first, but was wonderful just the same. The first was my husband and I, candle-light, music, thunderstorm and then Jasmine; all beautiful and perfect.

Now, five years later (literally the same due date) I wanted to have big sister included, to show her that birth is magical and beautiful and natural. I wanted to get to her before Hollywood could so that what we do could be her “normal”. I invited my mom to be a part of the birth and Jasmine’s “keeper” so that my DH and I could just focus on us and labor….

…The next morning we took Jackson to Earth Fare and put him in the produce scale to weigh him. We had taken Jasmine to the automatic scale at the post office so this seemed appropriate. With diaper, onsie, blanket and hat he weighed 7lbs and was 20 inches long. The whole family is doing great and I’m so happy to share this story. ~Jess


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