Family Updates

We had several family events all jumble together at the same time last week.
Ben received his wolf badge at Pack Meeting last week, I was his Den Leader and then Cub Master since he began in scouts and it has been fun to be such a huge part of things as he progressed.  I was released from my Cub Calling last month and am excited to see what my next calling will be at church.

Jeff played his final Soccer Game of the season.  He was backup goalie on his charter school team and they had a good season.

He is so busy with chamber choir, speech and debate, and being active in his priests quorum at church, I am not quite sure how he fit a varsity sport into his schedule, but he managed to do it all these past two months and we were so pleased with his hard work.

As a senior he will not be playing any more soccer at the school and it has been really fun to be a part of the team these past few years.

Andy played on the JV team all season and experienced a ton of growth and development in this sport.

Ben turned nine and had a fun party at a local park…and we were able to enjoy a wonderful reunion with friends who we have not been able to socialize with for many months.  It has been a great week.  Jenny Hatch

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