#jennyhatch Sarah’s Key, Best Movie of the Year!

Every once in a great while I take a chance and rent a movie from Redbox without knowing anything about it.

Most of the time what I see is the same pointless drivel that flows out of Hollywood year after year.

I was shocked to pick up Sarah’s Key the other day, and find myself transported to 1942 Paris France into the chaos of yet another Holocaust Story that nobody ever taught me about in History Class.

The pure emotion of this amazing movie, so well crafted, acted, and musically scored left me quite drained emotionally. The day after viewing it I watched the Making of the Movie documentary on the DVD and read the English subtitles as the French Writer, Director, Crew, and Actors explained the backstory of the book and movie.

Then last night I popped the disc into my player once again and watched it a second time, reveling in movie making at its very best. As the spirit of the story washed over me, I felt enlivened and overwhelmed by the tender way this story was crafted.

Today before returning the movie, I plan to watch it a third time, as my own personal holiday celebration of Family, Life, Love, and Truth. I have already put the book on my Amazon wish list and plan to purchase the movie for our home Library when I have a few extra dollars laying around. When my daughters return home from school for Christmas Break watching Sarahs Key with them will be a high priority during our three weeks of vacation together.

As I watched the second time, I found the story of the modern day journalist more compelling and relevent to my own life than Sarahs Journey…

I am curious to see how a third viewing touches my heart.

Today I am so grateful for the craft of movie making. It touches me on every level.

Take the time to view Sarah’s Key.

It is a life changing movie.

Jenny Hatch

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