#JennyHatch Thanksgiving Montage

Paul drove with Jeffrey and Andrew to Utah last week to spend some precious time with his Father, who is bedridden, and the whole extended family, who gather together every other year to Celebrate Thanksgiving.

I stayed home because we didn’t think I could make the trip with my lungs so congested. It is extremely dehydrating to drive over the mountains of Colorado and through the desert of southern Utah. I have done it many times before, but am still recovering from a summer illness. So I stayed home with Benjamin and Samwise and we had a nice quiet week.

Here are a few pictures from Pauls Trip:

Paul has been thrilled by our daughters choice to attend SUU in Cedar City. Jeff was just accepted this past week and we are curious to see if he decides to attend with his sisters next fall. Pauls parents were both professors at the school, and he and his six siblings all attended for undergraduate work.

Allison, Jeffrey, Andrew, and Michelle with Grandpa Hatch

Paul and Jeff making Boston Cream Pie

Jenny Hatch

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