Cleanliness is next to Godliness…

For the past few years I have been planning to purchase soap making materials to experiment with our own Laundry and Hand Soap.

Paul found a recipe online for Laundry Soap and made a few batches of it during the summer. Only one batch exploded in our basement when he added in too much washing soda. The soap did not get our clothes as clean as our regular laundry soap, so we tucked the ingredients away and plan to use it on an “as needed” basis.

I purchased a hand soap kit from Hobby Lobby last summer and promptly lost it. Paul found it a few weeks ago when he cleaned the basement storage room.

I made up a batch of soap and videotaped it. (And yes, you don’t see me in the video because I was wearing my Pajamas)  Blogging Moms are notorious for doing our internet work in underwear and PJ’s.

The kit made twenty small bars of soap. Then I purchased two more kits and made some Rose Oil soap and included the petals from a dozen red roses.

My daughters will be heading back to school in a few days and it was so fun to have Shelly come ask me if she could take some of my soap back with her. I happily handed her half a dozen bars.

This was a fun project.  And except for the dishwasher exploding with an overwhelm of bubbles when I tossed my double boiler in without scraping the hardened soap, relatively painles, and a new way to create lucious soap for just a few dollars.

Happy Soapmaking!


Click HERE to purchase pure Rose Oil from Young Living Essential Oils

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