Our Fathers God to thee, Author of Liberty…

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann dropped out of the race for the Presidency.  She gave a great speech yesterday and outlined the reasons why she ran.

I endorsed her early and loudly in every sphere of influence I have, and am grateful she took the time, energy, and spent the money to run.

She put the words Crony Capitalism into the political debate, and that is something that has needed to be done for decades in America.

Here is her speech followed by a link to the radio show I did with Amy Philo the day the Health Care bill passed The House of Representatives.

Jenny Hatch and Amy Philo discuss passage of Obamacare by The House of Representatives


PS I will not be endorsing anyone else, I left the Colorado Republican party this past year and will not be participating in our caucus.  As an Independent who leans Constitution party, I will decide right before the election who to vote for at the state and national level.

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