I’m trying to be like Jesus…

Recently David Archuleta announced he was going to serve a mission for the LDS church.

For my readers who are curious to know how this works:

Young LDS men and women indicate to their Bishops that they are interested in serving a full time Mission.  They have to be worthy to serve and pass two interviews with Priesthood Leaders.  Then they fill out some paperwork which shares a variety of factual information about them with the church leadership.  They do not get to pick where they will serve and We Believe that the Holy Spirit influences those who make those sacred decisions that the missionaries will be sent to the best place for them to serve.

After a few weeks they receive a “call” and are asked to report to the Mission Training Center in Provo Utah on a certain date.  They pay all expenses for travel to the MTC, clothing, and scriptures etc…and also pay a monthly fee to cover living expenses and incidentals tied to mission life.

The new missionaries are not allowed to phone home or have significant contact with family and friends back home, but they are allowed to skype on Christmas and visit with Family Members.  This is to keep them focused on the work and also provide growth and development during the two years they are in the field.

Young Men age 19 are eligible to serve and Young Women aged 21 are eligible to serve.  The age discrepancy is to discourage fraternization of the young people while they are missionaries and also to encourage young women to marry if they have the opportunity.  All young men are called to serve, and young women are able to go if they so choose.

You do not have to be a lifelong member of the church to serve a mission.

Many times young people will get baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and they will immediately decide that they want to serve.  Some of the best Missionaries I have known over the years have been those on fire with new member enthusiasm who immediately turn around and request to serve.  The church likes to have them faithfully attend church meetings and prepare for Temple Ordinances for a year before they go out to preach the gospel.

I predict David will be an amazing missionary in whatever locale he is called to serve.  And wish him well as he prepares to go.


Paul and I are Ward Missionaries, which is a part time six month calling to teach the Gospel to anyone within our locale who is interested in learning more about the church.

We partner with the full time missionaries to teach the investigators as well as anyone in our ward who is interested in learning more about the principles of the gospel.

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