UPDATE: Criminals have Health Care Bloggers, Journalists, and Activists in their sitelines

Jenny Hatch a few hours after being attacked with chemicals

UPDATE NUMBER TWO: March 15th, 2011

Tim White Continues to harass me by sending Emails, this time dissing my LDS Religion.  I took the time to report him to my local Louisville Colorado Police last week.

Xena Carpenter has also jumped on the bandwagon:

From: “Xena Carpenter”
Date: Mon, March 21, 2011 6:23 am
To: Jenny@NaturalFamilyCo.com (more)

oh please… this “poor me” act coming from “jenny hatch” is getting old….

she’s harassed people on the net for years with a lot of aliases… she moves around a lot… michigan, nebraska, utah, ohio, colorado and numerous other states… it’s the same excuses she uses… the same old lies… the same hatred against sherry shriner… the same holier than art thou attitude… the same everything…

the countdown is on… i am through with the crybaby games and garbage… someone better tell horrorditz that his games of sending his associates to “befriend” me ain’t working… i can spot someone who is genuine and someone who is a robotoid liar a mile away….

Barbara Hartwell has taught me the wisdom of documenting each of these contacts, and the importance of rebutting them publicly.

As for Xena Carpenter, I don’t know her, I don’t read her web site, and I don’t know who she is…nor do I know who Sherry Shriner is.

As for her claims that I move around alot.  I have lived in the same home in Colorado for fifteen years.  And our family has lived in Boulder County for nineteen years.

I am not a person who uses a ton of aliases on the web.  In fact almost all of my blog posts, articles, books, and chat room posts have been done using my own name.

As for me playing some “poor me” act, I am not a victim, nor do I play any role other than wanting to hold those who have attacked me and my work on the web accountable for the crimes against me and my family.  What sort of low life cretinous criminal would attack a three year old while he is out shopping with his mother?

Here is a photo of my son Benjamin taken after one of the chemical attacks:

Picture of me taken after first Chemical Attack...

This is the movie I made in the fall of 2009 just before the Fake Flu Pandemic was hoisted on the innocents of the world…

UPDATE: March 14th, 2011

This reposting of Leonard Horowitzs article has received quite a few hits the past seven months. I believe because of that fact and because Len and Sherri Kane were on my radio show a few days after the report was released that Tim White has decided I am worthy of his special brand of bullying.

Len and Sherri Interview….Jane Burgermeister was supposed to be on this show, but was not because of a time glitch

Click on the podcast link to listen to the show.

During the show I detail my own methodical poisoning by the murderers while I chatted with Len and Sherri on the radio.

According to Barbara Hartwell these tactics of throwing toxic chemicals in peoples faces are just part of the blowback writers and whistleblowers who stand in the path of the New World Order can expect when attempting to stand up and speak. I have been poisoned 18 times since the spring of 2007. I believe Anthony Fauci, Mr. vaccine himself, was one of the first to throw a nasty, toxic load on me and two of my sons as we shopped at the King Soopers grocery store in Lafayette Colorado the wednesday after Easter in 2007.

That particular attack has made me wonder if Andrew, my son, and I will ever have full lung capacity.

Now Tim White is threatening me with a lawsuit. Bring it on Tim!

I am NOT afraid of you, you DOG!

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and this dog has used his typical bluster to attempt to create a wedge between Len and Sherri and I.

That will not happen.

Here is the email exchange between Tim and I:

From: Patrick Alexander
To: Jenny@NaturalFamilyCo.com, “Louisville Colorado Police Department”
Cc: “Jim Rothstein/NYCPD Detective-ret” , “A. True Ott PhD” , “Anthony Hilder” , “Ted Gunderson” , “John DeCamp/ Attorney at Law” , friendofliberty@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 6:56 PM

GOOD..you do JUST THAT PHONEY “Christian” with a PROVEN HOLLOW SKULL – it’s YOUR STUPID ASS THAT’S ON THE LINE…YOU are the one to POST ABSOLUTE LIES,LIBEL and SLANDER to YOUR BLOG from HOROWITZ and his LYING SLUT Sherri Kane aka CHERI KANE about ME – about TED GUNDERSON…about Dr A TRUE OTT(PhD)…numerous others…about REAL PATRIOTS who have been EXPOSING what KNIGHT of MALTA HOROWITZ is REALLY ABOUT and that SNAKE ACCUSES ALL OF US OF THE VERY THINGS THAT WE EXPOSE ?…you want TROUBLE ?..you HAVE IT. – IN SPADES….YOU and the fine Folks at the Louisville PD can contact my friend,former FBI/SAIC TED GUNDERSON in Los Angeles and he’s in LA right now – his cell # 337-344-8876…then you can call my good friend,retired NYCPD Detective JIM ROTHSTEIN in ST Martin Minnesota – he’s the MAYOR and you can call him at home 320-548-3647…now BOTH of them will be VERY happy to inform the fine Officers at the Louisville PD just what kind of a DEVIOUS LYING,LIBELING,SLANDERING SLIMEBALL KNIGHT of MALTA LENNY HOROWITZ really IS….so – HOW MUCH IS YOUR HOUSE WORTH ?

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

— On Thu, 3/10/11, Jenny Hatch wrote:

From: Jenny Hatch
To: “Patrick Alexander”
Cc: “Louisville Colorado Police Department”
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 5:18 PM


Take me off your email list or You will be hearing from my attorney about
harassment, stalking, and veiled threats.

If necessary I will get a restraining order.


Len and Sherri’s article is below in its complete form:



Sherri Kane and Leonard G. Horowitz


This report exposes agent-provocateurs who forge documents, edit Wikipedia biographies, revise histories to libel and discredit targeted opponents, and conspire to commit murder, including those of journalist/whistle-blowers, benefiting their CIA/FBI corporate handlers.
This article documents how propaganda is administered today by COINTELPRO agents using the Internet, Wikipedia, and a “mix-it-all-up” strategy (i.e., the “Hegelian dialectic”). The agents co-create their celebrity, instigate and justify terrorism by generating religious and racial conflicts, cross-promote their divisive beliefs to generate controversies and social unrest, and divert attention from their criminal actions by projecting, through the media, their malice upon their targets.

To effectively extend counter-intelligence and their PSYOPs (i.e., psychological operations), frightening truths are mixed with lies by these agent-provocateurs to undermine social and political activism.

Another common denominator among these operatives is their Church of Satan associations.

Wikipedia and Wiki-company has scores of journalists, political activists, and whistle-blowers protesting the company’s use by disinformation agents. These agents are herein linked to a CIA/FBI counter-intelligence campaign. They have infiltrated, disrupted, marginalized, and/or subverted individuals and groups viewed as “dissidents.” Activists protesting multi-national corporations, and their criminal control over politics and economics, are considered “subversives” to their COINTELPRO.

This operation is reminiscent of J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO, used to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” the activities of activists and their organized movements.

The Wiki-entities that claim to allow users to add and update biographies, routinely prohibit COINTELPRO victims from making corrections to their bios plagued by disinformation posted by CIA/FBI “dark editors,” identified below as agent provocateurs.

Numerous victims prove Wikipedia and the Wiki Company routinely violates their “neutral point of view” policy, and their “non-profit” public service commission, by facilitating this CIA/FBI fraud to further operations exclusively benefiting “crisis capitalists,” and/or satanists.

The CIA/FBI-linked “dark editors,” identified below, are herein exposed destroying biographies of celebrities, scientists, inventors, whistleblowers, journalists, activists and dissidents of mainstream politics and social movements. In this way, this COINTELPRO works to degenerate society, stifling innovation and progress in every field.


Complaints that the Wiki-companies, and Wikimedia Foundation, has provided criminal cover for CIA/FBI counter-intelligence operators have been issued by dozens of organizations, journalists, and activists in recent months. The Wiki-editors have abused their public platform to control information, issue propaganda, discredit reputable authorities, degrade legitimate intelligence, suppress social movements, and generally confuse people.


The co-author of this report, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal, advancing the528LOVERevolution, for example, was targeted by the agents exposed below. While being attacked himself, he received several requests from medical experts, scientists, and “BigPharma” whistleblowers to investigate a perceived criminal Wiki-COINTELPRO operation. Leaders from several organizations including the International Society ofOrthomolecular Medicine (ISOM), and the World Organization for Natural Medicine (WONM), additionally complained. The ISOM issued an international alert (May 11, 2010; Orthomolecular Medicine News Service) informing members about the Wiki Foundation’s fraud. The WONM, allied with theSovereign Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, recorded the Wikipedia subversion of their humanitarian organizations, falsely tied by Wiki’s “dark editors” to the Vatican, Jesuits, Jews/Zionists, and Knights of Malta, all demonized by the COINTELPRO agents.
Wikipedia’s Use for Social Engineering

Evidence for psycho-social engineering through Wikipedia’s yellow press is found in many places. For instance, its review of alternative medicine falsely implies the entire field is unscientific.

Common sense suggests fraud. Since when is a whole field “unscientific,” since science is applied to every field? Nutrition, for example, is a vital part of alternative medicine. When did the entire field of nutrition become unscientific? More importantly, who is served by this disinformation nonsense?

Shedding light on the “dark editors” that Wikipedia encourages to violate common sense and experts’ biographies on behalf of CIA/FBI corporate commissioners was difficult until recently. Proof of criminal operations surfaced involving CIA/FBI agent-provocateurs attempting to discredit Horowitz. These covert operators include Greg Szymanski and Eric Jon Phelps–journalists allied with Timothy Patrick White, “Dr. True Ott,” Doug Millar, Xena Carpenter, and a few others. This group was found consistently communicating their advocacy for the famous FBI/CIA operative Ted Gunderson, who is among the nation’s leading experts on pedophilia, satanic networks, and child-trafficking.

The group of men are widely known as “brothers” in a religious cult called the “Bible Believers” that cross-promotes these agents, their theology, and activities. The “brothers” advance teachings of William Branham, memorialized by occult symbols on his “Christian” grave; and the Church of Satan leaders Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino. E-mails from Millar, White, and “True Ott” linked these men to numerous Internet articles featuring Gunderson’s involvement in child-trafficking investigations, including allegations of his own involvements in this, the Church of Satan, and pedophilia.

Wiki’s lengthy list of persons targeted for character assassinations, including several celebrities, is labeled by the Phelps/Szymanski/CIA ring as “Masonic media agents.” Altered biographies in Wikipedia libel and discredit these targets as “Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors,” or “disinfo/distraction agents.” Phelps and Szymanski’s references tie them to a white racist anti-zionist satanic cult promoted by the “Bible Believers,” their doctrines, and a leading PSYOPs expert, Michael A. Aquino.

According to the writings of these men, common sense, and massive evidence published online by many reputable sources, Gunderson et al. serve Aquino, who has reorganized America’s propaganda operations for US military intelligence in the spirit of satanism and his “Church of Set.” His operatives administer COINTELPRO black-ops affecting targeted organizations and “dissidents” in every corner of society.

Szymanski and Phelps, suspects in the recent murders of journalists Edward Harle of England, and Don Harkins in America, have been found to exert heavy control over Wiki’s disinformation.
Szymanski and Phelps, suspects in the recent murders of journalists Edward Harle of England, and Don Harkins in America, have been found to exert heavy control over Wiki’s disinformation.

he above link reveals the duo disparaging nearly every leader in the world of “thinking outside of the box.” Their hit list includes experts in the fields of alternative medicine, 9-11 truth, the American “patriot” community, leading environmental groups, alternative media personalities, celebrities, and various activists who oppose corporate influence over politics, war-mongering, and crisis capitalism.

Phelps apparently directs the “911: Masonic Media” wiki, as proven by the personal note published, by accident, under the heading “Beatles.” This cryptic “todo” note reads (on August 23, 2010)…

…READ the whole Expose HERE!


This COINTELPRO war of evil against good features spiritual suppression through disinformation. This war on the mass mind enslaves humanity through fear and confusion.

In conclusion, the Wiki companies facilitate COINTELPRO operations by generating a highly biased free-for-all of confusing and discrediting propaganda. This “Hegelian dialectic” manipulation method generates mass confusion by mixing polar opposites; truths versus lies. This manner of “mixing-it-all” up leaves truth-seekers overwhelmed, confused, and psycho-socially disabled to discern anything, or choose what’s best for self or society.  Thus, the objectives of COINTELPRO are achieved, exclusively benefiting the controllers at the expense of the controlled.

All readers are urged to protest these crimes against humanity, especially for the sake of our children. Protect children by keeping their faces out of school year books until the current injustices and satanic influences over government and law enforcement cited herein are stopped.

Boycott Wikipedia and the Wiki-Company.  Search the Internet for alternative sources of information.

Post this urgent alert on websites, and mail it to your friends and networks.

Support the 528LOVERevolution(.com). We obviously need a miracle to get us out of this mess; and the miracle is broadcasting all around us in 528.

Pray that the Illuminati lays down their weapons of mass destruction and media deception, in honor of the 528LOVERevolution; to let humanity evolve spiritually.

And while you are praying with faith and love in your heart for expanded consciousness and wiser stewardship of our natural resources, including We The People, add these authors to your prayer list so that we can continue to advance journalistic freedom, technological innovations, and spiritual evolution to fulfill a healthier, happier, and more peaceful and prospering destiny.”

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