Blogging Break is OVER!

Well, I have had a nice rest, really crucial for my mental health and now I feel ready to jump back into the blogosphere and share my thoughts on everything from Family Life to Politics!

I was hospitalized in January for suicidal depression for twelve days.  This episode was the worst of all.  I have struggled with suicidal ideation since I was fifteen, but my body and mind saved the worst for last.  I used all of my natural remedies, mostly vitamins during the worst of my time at Cenntennial Peaks, and to be a “good patient” and keep the peace with my doc, I took some meds for about five days.  Most of the pills the nurses gave me I flushed down the toilet, but I did take a few doses and once again was reminded of how spacey and high I feel on antidepressants/antipyschotics – I was on wellbutrin and abilify together.

For the past six months I have had a few memorable interactions with mental health professionals, they are still as full of themselves as ever they were, but I did enjoy tremendous emotional support from my church family and Bishop, and appreciate so much the meals that were thoughtfully prepared for Paul and the Boys while I was away.  I have spent lots of time resting, cooking good nourishing food, and just have allowed my nervous system to regenerate after remembering some awful incidents from my childhood and dealing with current stressors.  As always my Essential Oils have been a lifeline for me as various flashbacks and painful episodes from my past overwhelmed my mind.  But a steady dose of B Complex as well as high doses of Vitamin D and Mineral Essence have nourished and helped me as each day has clicked by.  A few dear friends offered to be my walking buddy and I enjoyed some nice walks around town.  I found this to be about one hundred percent more helpful than any time I spent on a therapists couch.

My psychiatrist at the hospital encouraged me to simplify  my life, and so I cut out Blogging and Social Media for six months, but now feel ready to jump back into the digital pool.

Hope you can stop by for comment or a chat now and then…

Jenny Hatch

Photos from the past six months:

A reporter from the Daily Camera interviewed me for this report from Jeffs Graduation.  Ironically he had video of Jeff signing a yearbook while I was talking…serendipity or what?

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