Reality Check on money in politics: David Horowitz on Glenn Beck Radio Show, The New Leviathan Book exposes all

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David Horowitz has been a favorite author of mine since I read his Biography Radical Son. Watch the whole video, it is enlightening, especially since the Koch Brothers have become the new Enemies of the American Left. It is extremely helpful to crunch the real numbers and have it all laid out clearly.

As they were describing how totalitarians want to control 100% of everything, I could not help but think of the birth machine and how those who defend it cannot stand to have less than one percent of us birthing at home.

The tactics, money, and power are all with the medical model, yet the American Mother has truth and Freedom enshrined in the God Given Rights guaranteed by the Constitution backing her and her family up.

It is a similar fight and one that I hope all people of good will decide to take on sooner than later.

Jenny Hatch

PS In Horowitzs Biography he details the Home Birth of his son Benjamin who was born Unassisted without Birthing Professionals.  While I am certain he would be the last person to stand up and shout that fact out in the media, it did serve as a connection while I devoured his book.  Give it a read if you want to understand American Politics. Click HERE for Radical Son..

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