Memories of Yellowstone

Last year at this time I was on a road trip with Jeff and Andy.  We drove up through Wyoming to Yellowstone and spent a week camping, freezing our tushies off, and enjoying the amazing scenery of the park.  As we drove through Jackson up to West Yellowstone I was reminded of my amazing summer working at the Playmill Theatre as an actress the summer of 1987.

I married Paul the month after I turned twenty years old. I am so grateful to have had this one amazing experience of performing eight shows a week for a couple months the year I was 19.  Since that time I have struggled mightily to know where my place was in this big violent world.  Most of the time I do not feel like I fit in anywhere.  Not with my extended family, not with my peers at church or community and most definitely not on the web.  I sometimes feel like Abraham, A stranger in a strange land.  And when you feel like you do not fit, to have had one time in your life when you were a part of something good and real is important.

Jenny Hatch 

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