First Lady Michelle Obama, Nanny in Chief tells parents how to raise their children

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“Change absolutely starts with each of us, as individuals, taking responsibility for ourselves and our families because we know that our kids won’t grow up healthy until our families start eating right and exercising more. That’s on us,” she said. “We know that we won’t close that education gap until we turn off the TV, and supervise homework, attend those parent-teacher conferences, and serve as good role models for our own children.”

Michelle Obama

My husband and I have been extremely disciplined with our family since the beginning.  Going to extremes to feed our children a whole foods diet, taking them out to the park every day for fresh air and sunshine, teaching them how to read, write, spell, take proper care of their bodies, and watching to make certain they had enough sleep, were properly hydrated, and that we always had a strong spiritual environment for them to grow up in.

I chaff when a politician and his family start dictating lifestyle habits to We the people.  It always brings to mind Winston in 1984 being forced to exercise and chastised for not trying hard enough.

So in the spirit of attempting to teach my children how to respond to the political elites dictum about diet and exercise, EVERY time I have heard Michelle talk about obesity I made a point to head out to Lamars to pick up a couple dozen donuts and explained to the children why we were eating them.

Every time I have heard Michelle talk about parents supervising homework, I encouraged my kids to put away the books and watch the most pointless drivel on Television.

Every time I have heard Michelle talk about fresh food I have made a point to cook a high fat supper with lots of refined and processed foods.

And every time I have heard Michelle talk about being a good role model for my children I have made a point of being a bad role model; crude, lazy, uncouth, and I publicly mock her in front of my children.


I am an American Citizen.  My rights are God Given.  My Lord and My Savior Jesus Christ anointed me with the gift of being created equal to all other human beings and free to pursue whatever brings me happiness and joy.

I do not need some busybody politicians wife telling me how to raise my children.  And I don’t need some America Hating Socialist to lecture me about my lifestyle.

Jenny Hatch

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