Pinterest, Yes, it is true, I set up a pinterest account

Anyone who knows me in real life understands my absolute ignorance of all things fashionable and trendy.  I buy my clothes at thrift stores and walmart, I don’t know how to redecorate or design, and I honestly don’t give a rip about home decorating or interiors.  So why did someone like me join Pinterest?  Some of the artwork is really amazing, especially around cooking and gardening.  And while I plead ignorance to knowing how to create lovely beauty in our surroundings out of a deeply held conviction that the most “lovely” endeavor we can engage in as Mothers is to create a healthy, beautiful baby, I would like to move more into the “presentation” side of life as we go forward.  Otherwise my daughters might have wedding showers and receptions where Mom serves chunky whole wheat bread accompanied by glasses of reverse osmosis water.

Serving bread and water at a reception may not be the way to my daughters hearts as they begin their wedded lives.

Anyhoo, I set up a Pinterest account the other day and if you would like to friend me I would love to follow you back!

Jenny Hatch

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