Colorado Fires in Pictures and Video

 I live about ten minutes from Green Mountain where the so called Flagstaff fire broke out in Boulder just about a week ago. Colorado springs blew up the night before this fire broke out and as we followed the story on the news and then started to smell the smoke as it increasingly blasted into our neighborhood, I wondered if we would experience the same sort of crisis as the families two hours south in Co Springs.

I have breathing issues and found myself needing to cloister in my bedroom with air purifier, air conditioner, and humidifier as the smoke grew and grew.  It was a difficult night because I have many friends in the Springs and was concerned about them and also my friends who live in the mountains of Boulder.   I did not believe that the fire could come all the way across Boulder Valley and then over the ridge into Louisville where we live, but I was watching amazing scenes of evacuation from the south.

The firemen in Boulder immediately went to work and made it impossible for the fire to come over the ridge into the city.  They are the rock stars of our community right now.

Here are all of the photos I was able to find on Twitter and Facebook.  Plus an amazing time lapse of the Waldo Fire and an interview with Boulder Residents who were getting out of town.

Jenny Hatch

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