How Bleak will the dark night of Medical Fascism Become?

I was just watching c-span and the host was talking with his guest about health care and the teaparty “people”. Many callers took the time to share views on “what the teaparty people” think, and although none claimed to be members of this maligned crowd, it was interesting to me to have others attempting to describe who I am and what I think.

I thought I’d take a minute to share my views on health care as it relates to teaparty attendees, simply because I am a fierce teapartier and I write a health care blog.

I can’t speak for others and I don’t know that any of my friends who have also taken to the streets this past year feel as I do, but I want to make one point. The dark night of medical fascism has been hanging as a blight over the American People for a long time. Each step that has been taken legislatively to remove our rights of self determination and place a doctor, a social worker, a pharmacist, and a judge over our bodies and minds has brought us to this place. The big question in my mind is,

How BLEAK will the dark night of Medical Fascism become?

Lord knows for those parents who have children removed from their custody simply because of refusal to vaccinate, refusal to medicate with psychiatric meds, refusal to use chemo for cancer, refusal to have a newborn incarcerated in a NICU, refusal to have any doctor recomended surgery, drug, psychiatric intervention etc etc etc the bleakness has been overwhelming. Tens of thousands of families in America have learned first hand what happens when Mom or Dad says “No thanks, don’t want to use the product you are selling” and that big, nasty, overpriced medical arm comes crashing down and yells, “YES YOU WILL!

Parents have lost custody of their children over and over and over again when that Medical Behemoth declares them unfit for refusal to use the services, medications, and medical devices they produce to sell to consumers. This blog is dedicated to exposing some of those abuses of power and giving parents a place to learn how to protect themselves and their children from the iantrogenic (doctor caused) abuses that seem to be attached to every drug and every medical practice, especially those around birth and psychiatric care.

As President Obama prepares to use the Delphi Technique to manipulate the Nation to his predetermined outcome of Government Run Health Care, these are the questions that citizens and politicians need to ask:

Do consumers have the right to say NO?

Will citizens be supported in choosing to use alternative healing as opposed to drugs and surgery when making health care decisions?

Will citizens be able to retain their sovereignty over their own bodies and minds?

Will parents be enabled to make those health care choices that they believe will give their children the best outcomes physically and emotionally? And if a Mother or a Father decides that the health care services being offered are too expensive, carry too much risk, and/or they have found alternatives that are just as good or better than the toxic brew offered at the hospital….WILL THOSE PARENTS BE SUPPORTED IN CHOOSING SOMETHING BESIDES WHAT THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBES???

For this teapartier, the ultimate principle in all of the health care debate is this:

If I don’t have the right to claim sovereignty over my own body and mind, and if I as a Mother don’t have the right to make health care choices for and in behalf of my children until they are old enough to make those choices for themselves, then I am already a Medical Slave and it doesn’t really matter who is paying the bills.

Whether it is my husbands employer or the taxpayers paying the bills, the Medical Profession will keep chugging along, paying politicians on both sides of the isle and playing it straight down the middle legislatively. I don’t think the Pharmaceutical Companies who run the Medical Schools and the Media care too much who is paying the bills. Wether the health care system is the current Medical Fascism or Complete Socialism or straight on Commuism, somebody is going to pay.

The Medical Police State will stay high up on its pedastal until we the people decide to get off our knees and learn a thing or two about how to be really healthy.

True Health, Lasting life giving fun joyful whole living health is to be found in a kernal of whole wheat, a gently birthed babe, a tummy full of mothers milk, and joyful, healthy, family life….

And the Government doesn’t have a whole heck of lot to do with those things.

Jenny Hatch

Glenn Beck had four Doctors on his show recently and one of them rightly called what is coming Medical Fascism

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