Blogging Mothers Magazine July 2012 Edition

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Laurel Wilson on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

A Mother makes the case for Husband and Wife Childbirth as America Socializes its Health Care System
The Mothers Act, Slipped into the Health Care Bill at the last minute, now the Constitutionally endorsed Law of the Land
Three ways to GO GALT in Family Living by Editor in Chief Jenny Hatch
Homebirth Mommies only care about having an Experience, selfish, selfish, selfish… How dare they want to hold autonomy over the birthing process?
That which I say is GOLD, is just a pile of horse puckey…Obamanomics
My Journey to Autonomous Mothering
Larry Sinclair on the Hill Buzz and Mrs. Fox Radio Show
Doula Services with Jenny Hatch
Birth Supplies for a Family Birth
I wonder why we never hear about the Romneys Dog in the Media Anymore…
Natural Family Living with Jenny Hatch with a focus on Food Storage

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