I just registered for my drivers license and had to fill out a voter ID form for Utah.

Last year I left the republican party for good and registered as an Independent.

This time I just decided to align with the Libertarians in Utah.

I am so tired of the race for the presidency and have resigned myself to four more years of President Obama. I did not believe I could live through a second Clinton term, but I did, and although I believe it is likely the government will collapse under a second Obama term, I actually believe that the only way now for us to find our footing as Americans is for the whole Socialistic, Crony Capitalistic, Corporate Welfare state to collapse so that we can start over.

I pray that this does not happen because it will mean many people will die, but I do not see a path out of the cesspool that is the current American Political system.

I participated with the Tea Party in Denver because I felt like I had to do something visible to stand up for liberty and economic sanity.

But lately I find myself weary from the daily grind of being a news junkie and political hawk. I am so tired of the tit for tat back and forth of the lies, smears, and hyperbole that is the American Political Process.

I believe if the US had the will to elect Ron Paul as president we could maybe get some semblance of Constitutional Authority and Balance going again.

But he will not be the nominee and I don’t know that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be able to truly stand for Freedom.

I don’t plan to spend too much time worrying about it though. America has been on this trajectory towards slavery and debt and implosion for a long, long time and I am holding out for the return of my Savior Jesus Christ who will have the government upon his shoulders…

Isaiah 9:6 “For unto us a child is born…and the Government shall be upon his shoulders…”

Jenny Hatch
Natural Family Blog

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