Epic Soccer Game last night…

Last night Ben played a team coached by his cousin Trent. Trent is married to Amber who is our niece. They have a son Trevor who is Bens second cousin and best friend. They walk to school together every day and are in the same fourth grade class. We were excited to watch the game…

It was epic watching these two nine year olds duke it out in brotherly fashion. I was so pleased with the way they both played, fierce, but with a kindness.

Ben scored a record four goals, record for him anyway…and his team won six to two. It was so fun to watch. Paul was just called to be the eleven year old scout leader in our ward, so we had to leave after the third quarter to get home.

I was just called to work with the Young Women aged 12 to 18 in our ward, so we are back doing what we love, which is sharing our time with the young people in our ward.

It is going to be a busy weekend with Football Games, Ward Parties, a wedding reception, and I am auditioning for Annie on saturday afternoon.

Good Times!

Jenny Hatch

Natural Family VIDEO of the Day!

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