So much to smile about…

I auditioned for our Community Production of Annie over the weekend!

I was so pleased to be cast in the show as the Under Study for Ms. Hannigan and Woman #3.

I am really enjoying participating in the many cultural opportunities available in our new community.  Last week at choir the director gave us a pile of music for the Christmas Season.  I felt somewhat overwhelmed as we sightread through the many songs that will make up our concert.  The music is simply glorious.

We are also singing quite a mix of music in my university class.  Six pieces in six different languages.  We are singing in Latin, Italian, an African dialect, French, English, and German!  This music is also stretching me.

It is amazing to me how quickly my life has changed. To go from a homeschooling Mother to a university student and part time singer/performer is just perfect.  It is what I have always dreamed of, getting to a place where I could comfortably leave my family for a few hours every week to do what I love.

I spent so many years focused like a laser on my little ones, so sleep deprived and with a babe always at the breast, to have those years behind me just feels kind of weird.

I was thrilled to see how seriously the directors, choreographers, and producers of Annie took the audition process.  I was impressed by the professionalism and expectations they had for those auditioning.  It made me feel very excited to work with these people.

I look forward to memorizing the Ms. Hannigan part even if I don’t get to perform in the actual performance.  What a fun villain to play…

Jenny Hatch 

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