Lawrence Sinclair – There’s no crying in baseball…

Recent Conversation with my Heavenly Father…

“Dear Father, I seem to have been pulled into a situation where I find myself mixed up with several people whom I do not know, did not seek out , and simply don’t know what to do.

Father kindly replied and said, “Jen, my son Robert Stacy McCain is not who he presents himself to be on the Internet.  You should steer clear of him because he is one of the most evil people currently Blogging on the web.”

Thanks Father, I really appreciate the heads up, now I know what to do.  Love, Jen”

Yesterday my friend Larry Sinclair had this to say on his blog in a post titled There’s no crying in baseball:


“See we did not call up a “Mormon housewife in Colorado,” as claimed (again we note McCain has no problem publishing the woman’s religious faith for reasons we simply cannot understand as well as where the woman lives). The fact is that we sent a Twitter message to a friend who we first came to know almost four years ago asking that she call us as soon as she could. This friend, Jenny Hatch (and unlike McCain, we have obtained permission to use her name) who McCain started following on Twitter the day the Liberal Grouch unwittingly published photos of her on his website believing them to be photos of Lee Stranahan’s wife, got our message and called us later in the day. We did not as McCain claims call Jenny, nor did we tell Jenny that Robert Stacey McCain was some “evil person.” What we did (and we continue to stand by it to this day) is ask her if she knew Stacey McCain? She did not and had informed us that until her inbox filled up with Twitter notices of  McCain tweeting about the Liberal Grouch publishing photos of her she hadn’t really heard of Stacey McCain. See Stacey claims it was us who called Jenny telling her what an evil person McCain is, but Stacey is wrong again. It was not Sinclair News or Larry Sinclair who told Jenny Stacey was not what he appeared to be, no we can’t even come close to claiming such insight and authority. See had Stacey used his journalism training and experience he would have made an effort to ask us or ask Jenny directly before making any such claim. Had he, he would never have printed the truth anyway. See what Stacey doesn’t bother to point out beyond his unexplained need to identify Jenny as a “Mormon,” is that when all of this craziness took place last Wednesday, Jenny prayed about what was taking place, she prayed for guidance and direction and Robert Stacey McCain might want to know that according to Jenny Hatch, GOD not Sinclair told her Stacey McCain was not someone who should be trusted or someone who she should become involved with. So Stacey, as you have demonstrated yet again, your journalism skills seem to be fading into the sunset the same way your argument that you have been “unjustly attacked” by Larry Sinclair…

…Sorry Stacey McCain, we didn’t call a “Mormon housewife…” as you claim, GOD did that and that’s one person even you can’t accuse of unjustly attacking you as an unwitting dupe of Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser.”


As with all of my interactions with strangers online, I have used prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to know how and when to engage with fellow activists and truth seekers.  From the guests I ask to be on my radio show, to the topics I blog about, to the time I have spent partnering with Political and Health Freedom Activists, I always use prayer and spiritual discernment, which is a heavenly gift given to every faithful Mormon Women to help me to know how to spend my time. I even prayed to know if it would be good for me to write this blog post or just let the whole situation go.  Since I am typing, you know what my answer was from the Lord.

So far this spiritual approach to Blogging has kept me alive through some of the most outrageous and mind bending experiences of my life.

If anything when I talked to Larry on the phone the other day he simply outlined some factual inconsistencies that were currently being exposed by people who feel defrauded and lied to by RS McCain and others.  I called Larry, he did NOT call me, and it was my Heavenly Father who told me Stacey was evil, not Larry.  Since I don’t know much about the other situation and have never really aligned myself with any bloggers club or other blogging organization, and have even been banned or shut out from just about every chat room I have ever joined, I don’t really feel called upon to comment about that situation.  I do believe it is easier for individuals to misrepresent themselves on line than it is in real life.  And my readers will have to decide for themselves if something is off with various bloggers who hold themselves up as victims.

Having been bullied for my own writing, I know that this type of bullying is real.  I have never been “swatted” but I could tell a few hair raising episodes of blogging blowback.

But since I am NOT a victim and was not able to get the police to listen to my own stories of harassment and attack, I have moved on with my life preferring to let it all go and wait for the perfect eternal justice that I know will be mine in the next life.

I would encourage those who have been “called out” for devious behavior to take stock of their own lives, repent, and try to make things right.

As for me, I have a show to be in and rehearsals at three…

Jenny Hatch

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