Happy 21st Birthday Allison

Party oneThe adults in our home now outnumber the children!

Back when Paul and I went from two children to three, we felt like we had gone from a man to man defense to a ZONE. For many years we were outnumbered by the little people around us, and it was often an overwhelming and sometimes terrifying place to be.

“Do I discipline Jeff for biting Andy or spend an hour trying to get the gum out of Allisons hair?”  Mom dilemmas were my daily lot.

Intense years that are thankfully winding down to a much quieter life with our children.  It is a time of grace, quiet, and JOY!

Here is a little movie I made of the feast prepared for Allisons 21st Birthday: She requested spinach pie and Greek salad with Chocolate Cake!

Happy Birthday Ally!  I love you.



Jenny Hatch 

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