To “Trigger” or not to Trigger, that is the question

Socialism is THEFT!
Socialism is THEFT!
Last night a twitter user jokingly started a hashtag called

Some of these tweets were so funny I immediately Retweeted a bunch of them:

Avoid Occupy Protests, The Kennedy Compound, being alone with Bill Clinton. 

don’t get raped

Take a sip of water…to attract the attention of hundreds of #leftist media

Ask @AmbassadorRice to perform “the Vagina Monologues” in front of your attacker:

Liberals are seriously more offended by the hashtag #LiberalTips2AvoidRape than by politicians making it easier for women to be raped. 

teach men NOT TO rape as opposed to teaching women how to avoid being raped.

Inform a school counselor that someone is about to rape you and schedule a conference to discuss the situation

Tell him you don’t believe in guns and don’t have one, but you called the cops and they’ll arrive in 12 minutes. 

c’mon.. the hashtag I made up, #LiberalTips2AvoidRape is trending… that’s just funny. 

Follow the lead on gun control and ban rape. Oh wait… 

Feminists were up in arms immediately calling for Twitter to pull the tag because of the “Triggering” that was going on as rape victims read the Tweets.

As my final Tweet on the Tag I wrote:


Uh gals we are not making fun of rape

#RT via @JennyHatch

On Twitchy several feminst responses were recorded: Go HERE

But the best graphic of the night came from a friend on Facebook who shared a graph of what happened to the sexual assault rate at Colorado U once they passed a concealed carry law for students:

Here’s what happened 2 sex offenses at Colorado State U after concealed carry became legal CC @DLoesch @SooperMexican #RT via @JennyHatch

Go ahead, click on that link and just see what happened over a five year span to sexual assault victims…

Ladies, the only “Triggering” that needs to happen is you whipping out a pistol if someone attempts to mess with you or your family.



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