Shannon Mitchell on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show: Current status of Childbirth in America

I am pleased to announce Shannon Mitchell will be my guest this morning on the radio show.
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon is a homeschooling mother of four and married to Brian, who sometimes thinks he is married to the birth world. As an advocate for women’s births, Shannon has served as a doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor and is currently undergoing a midwifery education at AAMI.

She formerly served as the Information Services Director for 5.5 years at ICAN, the Vice-President of the renewed Florida Friends of Midwives, and a recurring sponsor of the VBAC Summit. She regularly speaks around the nation about supporting pregnant women, expectations in birth, changing the current birth system and supporting normal birth in every setting a woman chooses with whomever she chooses.

Shannon founded and to help create a place for aggregating information from other websites specifically to collaborate within the birth world to bring out the best information possible from all sides and give women a place to use their voices.

Shannon’s Web Site – Birth Action
Contact Info:
Facebook: Birthaction
Twitter: director@birthaction
Shannon is also known as the #birthlibrarian if you need information, contact her and she will help you research it

Jenny Hatch

Paul and Jenny Hatch Family Fall 2012
Paul and Jenny Hatch Family Fall 2012

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