A few pictures from Jeff at the Missionary Training Center

Jeff at the MTC
Jeff emailed two pictures taken at the MTC in Provo. It looks like he has a great group of men and women in his district.

Here is his most recent letter:

Dear family,

I love you all so much. This week was amazing. General conference was so great. I felt like every speaker wrote their talk just for me. They told us here to go into general conference with a question in mind. I hadn’t ever done that before but it was really helpful. Elder Oaks answered my question. Also Sunday night Vocal point from BYU came and sang for us. They were so great. We did a hymn share which is where they picked a song and we joined them after the first verse. They also sang three songs on their own. Come thou fount, come come ye saints mixed with an African song and I need thee every hour. I felt the spirit so strong. I have been so blessed here to have a district that loves to sing. I know the lord’s hand is in my district being who they are. They are testing me and building me up in so many ways. I am constantly learning from them. We are now half the size of a normal district with only six. Another Hermana got transferred to the Spain MTC. But the Lords ways are not my ways and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We sing all the time and there is no greater way to bring the Jesus the Christ this week spirit. I started reading and it is such an amazing book. I never knew there were so many things I never knew. I have learned so much and I’m only on chapter seven. I love getting to know my savior more. Talmage has such a way with words. I know that book is inspired and that I need to read it.

Can you believe it’s already been three weeks? I leave for Honduras in 17 days. It feels like only yesterday I was writing you all but that was seven days ago. I get to go to the temple today which is going to be soo cool. It is the highlight of my week.

I appreciate your letters so much and also you’re prayers. We had a devotional last week and the speaker said that any time you feel discouraged just picture you’re parents or siblings kneeling in prayer on your behalf. After devotionals we have a district sharing meeting where we all say what we liked about the devotional. I said that when he said that I pictured Ben, kneeling by his bed praying and I lost it. I started crying. First time in a long time. It was actually really embarrassing but the branch president thanked me for it afterward. So thank you again.

I know I am where the lord wants me to be. I am learning Spanish so fast because of his blessing. I am learning there a lot of holes in my testimony that I didn’t even know existed. This mission is testing me in ways I thought I was strong and showing me I really am a week person. That’s OK because it is the small and simple that do the work of the Lord.

I hope you’re all doing well and I will keep you in my prayers. I know my letters are all over the place and I apologize for that.

Much love,


I am already feeling the many blessings pouring from Heaven because of Jeffs choice to serve this mission. So much to be thankful for…

Jenny Hatch

Jeffrey in MTC

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