Book Review: Jennifer Margulis The Business of Baby

Jennifer Margulis WebSite

I purchased the Kindle Version of Jennifers Book last week and finished reading it late last night. Kindle business of Baby

The various companies that Margulis whacks in this expose get a well deserved spanking for putting profits ahead of the well being of American Families.

With chapters devoted to Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding, and Newborn care Jennifer cuts through the marketing facade of Ultrasound Technology (tying it to Autism), Baby Formula, Plastic Diapering, and more to help parents see where current medical practice and its dubious ties to various money making schemes are more about profiteering off of the wombs and ignorance of the American People than about the health of mothers and babies.

A devastating chapter on Vaccines outlines the fact that many vaccine researchers and even some pediatricians and nurses do not allow their own children to be vaccinated.

Taxpayers who fund so much of this current insanity through government programs would do well to read this excellent book to see just where all of their hard earned money is going.

Although I am a free market capitalist and would like to see all government money removed from the Health Care system, I applaud Jennifers excellent expose’ as a great place for parents to begin when deciding how and where the family budget will be divided when it comes to living a healthy family life.

My long term readers know that I walked away from Allopathic Birth in 1994 after the birth of my third child. Many families are paying out of pocket for Midwifery, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathic, Massage, Nutrition, and Herbal instead of the Drugs and Surgery of the American Birth Machine.

You do have a choice and a healthy alternative from current medical dogma.

Ultimately parents themselves will have to decide if they want to spend their hard earned dollars and precious time dickering with a broken maternity system.

Jenny Hatch

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