Camping with Pauls 11 year old Scouts and Ben!

Paul and I took his scouts up to the cabin for an overnight adventure. They needed to sleep in a tent, make a fire, and cook the food for various scouting requirements.

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They were so cute.  We had fun sharing supper and breakfast and listening to them in the tent outside our bedroom window.

It was pure entertainment as they revelled in boy humor late into the night.  I’m not sure they realized we were listening and it was hilarious. I finally told them to quiet down about eleven, but they kept joking around for another hour or so.

We saw chipmunks, hummingbirds, and as we drove off the mountain a beautiful doe high tailed it up the hill just down from the cabin. I love spending time with our children as a small group with one or two friends along for variety.

We always see different sides to their personalities than when our whole family is together.
Jenny Hatch

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