Letter from Jeff in Honduras…and White Boy can jump

imageJeffs most recent letter was so good, I just had to share it:

“Dear Family,

This week flew by. I am doing good overall. I had some cool realizations this week and we have come up with a new strategy for the work.

So I have been writing some friends in some other missions and they all say that they love working and that they really love their investigators and things like that. I guess I don’t really feel that way too much. I mean I like to work and teach and all that, but more because the Lord expects me to or wants me to not necesarrily for the people here.

So that got me thinking about why after all this time I am still having trouble loving the people. I guess I realized that it is because it is taxing to be a missionary.

I mean it hurts to have a single mother of 3 ask you how she is going to feed her children or even just to see the living conditions here. I know the Lord would have me love these people in spite of the problems and when I can better do that I may be able to understand a little more of the love Christ has for all the people of the earth. I guess that is where the gift of love is supposed to come from.”

imageAs the Mother of a missionary, it is simply amazing to observe my son maturing with each week that slips by. If he can learn at 19 that Love is the key to everything…all of the sacrifices of time, money, and two years away from home will be worth it.

Jeff said his Mission President banned contact sports on P Day after an elder broke his foot playing basketball and had to be sent home to heal. These Elders serving in Texas have not been banned from playing…


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