Movie Review: World War Z by Blogger Jenny Hatch

Andy and I saw this movie over the weekend. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs down with a raspberry to boot.

Such an overt display of Globalist Balogna I have never witnessed.

When Pitts character happened upon the world health organization building, with the rising sun coming up over it, I laughed out loud. He is such a tool. Brad, don’t you realize how you are being used to control the masses and influence low information voters???

Vaccines will save us from the Zombies? Pullleeese…

Vaccines and drugs overall are going to be the reason for the Zombie Apocalypse.

When a time in America hits when drug adicts cannot get their fix, and I don’t care whether the druggie is on over the counter, prescription, or street meds, then we will witness the effects of the Zombie take over of our streets.

Have you seen this movie?

When certain people take bath salts they experience a rapid detox that sends them into orbit and they behave like Zombies.

I look forward to the day when Movies are made with natural healers like Chiropractors, Naturopaths, and Homeopaths as the protagonists in a main stream movie and we have the Professional Doula showing up on her white steed of nobility and protection to sanctify the space around a Mothers Gentle and Peaceful Homebirth which is greatly aided by herbs, nutrition, massage, and gentle music.

Until then? Be skeptical…be very skeptical of the hogwash and BS being produced by Hollyweird. They are completely in bed with Big Pharma and the agendas are all the same; to make you and your family sick, dumb, and a slave to the Medical Cartel.

You can do better Brad Pitt…



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Click to purchase on Amazon.
If you want to learn the truth about Vaccines watch this presentation by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

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