Homeschool Notes

We have had a good couple of weeks. Ben is gradually shifting from summer schedule to School mode. I anticipate that he will be fully settled into our new schedule within the next week or two.

We started his music adventures yesterday. I spent about an hour working with him on Theory, Drums, Piano, and Vocals. He has set a goal to sing the national anthem at a soccer game. And he wants to memorize this song:

He likes to head out to the garden every few days for a vegetable hunt. The picture above was a one day harvest. Its fun to observe his excitement, he used a first red tomato to make some home made salsa.

I taught him how to put the ingredients for pizza into the bread machine and he has made bread dough for pizza a couple times. He told me he was surprised that it was so easy.

Here are a couple of pictures in video form. We sing the national anthem and say the Pledge every morning and Sam, our dog, always comes running to join in. A couple of times he has put his paw over his heart while we pay respect to the Republic. I tried to get a picture of him doing it, but he wasn’t in the moood.

I can tell it is going to be a good year. Ten year old boys are the perfect age to homeschool…


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