Un Breaking Birth Video Presentation – US Maternal Mortality Rate going up, up, up!

This presentation really wowed me. Especially the graphic at the three and a half minute mark on Maternal Mortality.

From the information linked on the Video:

For more information: http://www.unbreakingbirth.org
To support our effort for change: http://rally.org/unbreakingbirth
What if something is deeply wrong with our childbirth system?

Highly-trained specialists working in well-equipped hospitals manage most births. Seen this way, one might assume that our system is safe, evidence-based, and effective. One might explain the high cost as a necessary trade-off for quality service while complications, injuries, and deaths might be explained as unavoidable.

But what if overwhelming evidence shows that we’re living with a system that isn’t very good at all, on average?

The U.S. birth care system has saddled millions of women with expensive over-treatment, unnecessary complications, and avoidable risks.

When expecting a baby for the first time, there is so much for a couple to think about besides critically examining the birth system they are about to traverse. Let us not leave them alone facing a broken system.

Join us in this exploration of what’s gone wrong with birth in the U.S, the impact on mothers and babies, and how we can unbreak birth.

There is also a panel discussion where mothers and birth care providers share their perspectives:

References for data presented are here:

Help us caption & translate this video!

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