Skeptical OB STILL lives to mock, heckle, and destroy those of us who embrace Natural Family Living…

In the past few days I have had a huge uptick in traffic from those interested in my Dr. Amy posts.

She is the blogging OB I outed as a fraud a few years ago when it became painfully obvious “she” is a cabal of bloggers using the web to spew against natural family living. Although I have no credible evidence she is paid to harp on my lifestyle choices, I highly suspect that “she” and the fifteen guys who play her and her comment section on the web are in fact highly compensated for their daily work.

That being the case, this morning I went in and read a few posts and comments from Amy and the gang to observe things generally and see if anything has changed. Toots and her harpies are still using Alinsky Rules for isolating and destroying specific targets in the natural healing world.

This post is a perfect example of how she operates every freaking day.


Parents who feel drawn to Natural Family Living should recognize this campaign for what it is and what it has always been, an organized cabal of scientific atheists who simply want to have complete control over your reproductive life.

Jenny Hatch

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