Common Core and Agenda 21

Agenda 21 three goals

I have been researching Common Core ever since I heard the term last year. Yesterday I finally put it all together and realized that Agenda 21, which I have long known about and exposed here on my blog and at Blogging Mothers Magazine was in fact going to be further put into action by the Common Core roll out across the nation.

The same people who have been setting up Obamacare, the NSA Infrastructure, as well as the Global Education framework are those who have been shoving Common Core on the nation.

I would like to challenge the powers that be to arrest Bill Gates for Crimes against Humanity. He is NOT god and the pure devastation that has followed his activities around the globe, particularly his depopulation efforts using Vaccines to sterilize young women should be exposed and confronted.

It is my prayer by this time next year that he is safely locked away from humanity and his money doled out to the many victims of his nefarious deeds.

Jenny Hatch
Death to the United Nations and Agenda 21!

Stop Common Core Meme by Jenny Hatch 2

Here are two videos that challenge the notion of a state led effort around Common Core:

And here is the LINK to an amazing analysis by Christel Swaysey at What is Common Core BLOG connecting more Globalist Dots.

renee-alisa-christel-for-orlean4Her article titled A Global Monitoring Report From the International Bureau of Education is a must read, as are all of the posts that expose the Agenda 21 Connection to Common Core. Click HERE to read them all.

This very detailed lecture by Clint Richardson connects all of the Agenda 21 dots regarding Common Core.

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