Unassisted Birth Story: The Freebirth of Ever Wild


jen-and-ben-three-hours-after-birthUPDATE: I had Maryn on my radio show and we talked about her recent birth.  Click HERE to read!

I read this amazing birth story just now and had to share it.

The Mom details a multi-generational healing that took place during her labor.  There is a little nudity on the blog post, but mostly the photos are very tastefully shared.

Here are a few quotes:

“I write, speak, think and dream of birth regularly; this pregnancy was no exception to the documentation that I kept about myself, my journey and this wild one.  Re-reading my pregnancy journal, I looked forward to her birth, reminding myself how “raw” I knew it would be.  I also wrote what’s below at 37 weeks, which is pretty amazing.  I do believe we know the lessons that are coming; somewhere in us, we are just the people we need to be for the experience we somewhere know we will have.”

This story was a real reminder of so many of the emotions Paul and I had while we birthed Ben together.  My water broke exactly three days and six hours before he was born and during those three days we had to do some serious soul searching and healing.  This was the part of Maryns story that touched me the most:

“It hit me like a ton of bricks, and the contractions stopped for a short time while I cried.  And wrote, and cried.  My first birth, my beautiful now 11 year old daughter’s story started much the same and I do believe my cells remember.  Only I was 37 weeks, and didn’t know enough to know my waters were leaking and that I probably shouldn’t head to the hospital (our choice for birth at the time) like that.  Needless to say, leaking waters led to induction with Pitocin, an early and sort of unhappy baby and a very disillusioned woman that thought her body didn’t work.  And perhaps the worst part was the separation of mama from baby; I don’t know that (consciously or not) my daughter or I have ever recovered from this breach in our relationship during those first hours.  There are some things, that I have found as a mother, that I just have never gotten over.  This taking of my baby is one of them; and probably one of the strongest influences in leading me down the path of birth and bonding and attachment that I believe so strongly in.

And so there it was. I was being given the chance by the Universe and Ever to re-write this story.  To not give in to the fear, or the uncertainty that I COULD wind up in that same spot again.  I had half-joked about going to get an epidural at the hospital when the contractions were feeling so intense but at this moment…I knew in my heart I could never do such a thing.  But, I was scared to death of that “needing” to happen. I needed to recognize my power in this situation, something I had not done the first time. I had to believe that this sweet girl that would soon grace our presence; I had to keep on, for her.  Things were coming full circle, and I was being given a chance to heal this DNA (from as far back as my own hospital birth, after my mom’s water had broken at 34 weeks, leaving me to spend over a month in the NICU) for generations.  Profound.  And in perfect healing capacity, my daughter entered my room and witnessed my cry.  With all the confidence of a wise elder, she looked at me and said “You can do it, mom.  You can have this baby here.”  (And then wrote on my wall in (washable) marker, right where I could see it, “YOU CAN DO IT!”)”

Take the time to read the whole story, it is a powerful witness to the healing power of Family Birth!

Jenny Hatch


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