All things in commotion?

imageI have read a few articles the past few days about all these dead bankers.  Click HERE to read the latest.

“It’s become a health hazard to be a banker. What evil lurks beneath the pile of bodies?

In growing numbers, the bodies of bankers are piling up in the streets — at least eight global financial types in recent weeks (and five others in the past year). And a financial reporter for The Wall Street Journal walked out of his house and mysteriously hasn’t been seen or heard from in weeks.

So what gives? Three of the bankers worked for JPMorgan. One worked for Deutsche Bank AG. Others for companies not so prominent, i.e., not “too big to fail,” but possibly implicated in one or more of the number of investigations being undertaken in FOREX fraud and the LIBOR scandal. Maybe they uncovered something they shouldn’t have. Maybe they knew too much to begin with. Some of the “suicides” have been deemed “suspicious.”

In the Doctrine and Covenants is a scripture that talks about our day.  It says:

“26 And in athat day shall be heard of bwars and rumors of wars, and the whole earth shall be in commotion, and men’s hearts shall cfail them, and they shall say that Christ ddelayeth his coming until the end of the earth.”

It appears that we are winding down this experiment in Keynesian Economics that has laid waste to our world economies for the past hundred years.

And the big question is what is the transition to Austrian Economics and Freedom going to look like for the average family?

When I was a young mom I had many promptings about preparing myself for end times events.  This meant that we spent time and resources on food storage, books to self educate, and as I have said over and over on my blog, I made the choice to learn Mothering Self Reliance.

Whenever I would have a dream or a prompting I always thought the event that would compel me to need a skill or a practice was just around the corner or weeks away.  This made for some funny purchases as I prepared.  One time I had a dream about us cold and in need of warmth.  So I went to wal mart and bought big snow suits for the whole family.  We did end up using those now and again for sledding and camping in the mountains, but mostly they took up space in the closet and I eventually sold them at a garage sale.

Now that we are completely prepared for whatever may present, it is interesting that it is the economic world that is wobbling.

During my dreams and in my waking nightmares as I contemplated which sort of a scenario might cause us to need the skills I always thought it would be a war or a natural disaster.

But an economic collapse, especially on a world wide scale could also be as devastating as anything else.

I love this video that describes the difference between Keynes Economic Theory and Hayeks Austrian Free Market teachings:

I hope and pray that any sort of collapse around the world does not affect you too badly dear reader.  Ukraine and Argentina are wobbling like Greece did two years ago and unfortunately the way we are all wired together, one default may mean many defaults.

God Bless

Jenny Hatch

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