Joan Landes on my radio show this FRIDAY!

imageI am really excited to welcome Joan on the show.  She has written some of the most passionate and thoughtful articles against the Common Core of anyone on the web.


“Common Core is Completely Untested

Common Core Standards are completely untested experimentally yet are being inflicted on virtually every student in the entire U.S. from K-12 with NO PREVIOUS TESTING. This is an egregious violation of basic ethics and good science and shows the developers’ absolute disregard or ignorance of potential harms to children. The EPA conducts more testing for the food dyes in Kool-Aid than has been conducted on Common Core which kids will live with for 8 hours a day for 12 years.”

Not with my child you won’t: Psychological Damages of Common Core Analyzed by Joan Landes

And her speech last week at the Utah Capitol was EPIC!

Tune in at 9:00 am LIVE for a short podcast discussing what the average parent can do to help defeat the Common Core!

Click HERE for the show page.

Jenny Hatch


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