Update from O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) @JennyHatch

O.U.R. (@OURrescue) Tweeted:
Mindy’s (name changed) is a strong, young girl who had a very difficult childhood. After being trafficked in a dangerous red-light zone, she has found hope and healing in a safe aftercare home. https://t.co/hPHT5dITJ6 https://t.co/m5TYlf3Yxr

O.U.R. (@OURrescue) Tweeted:
O.U.R., @mentors and @huntsmanschool presented at the 68th @UN Civil Society Conference on education and vocational training for survivors in aftercare. #USUEntrepreneurship #MentorsInternational #EndHumanTrafficking https://t.co/FXkBalgDKM

O.U.R. (@OURrescue) Tweeted:
Many of our supporters give a gift to O.U.R. in their wills as a way to have a lasting impact on a cause that’s important to them. Click here to learn more about leaving your legacy: https://t.co/jBVYLXe8u9 https://t.co/GvjLKjKufx

O.U.R. (@OURrescue) Tweeted:
The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report is a comprehensive guide about domestic and global anti-trafficking efforts. The report is published by the U.S. Department of State annually. Head over to our blog for highlights from the June 2019 report: https://t.co/vrBCpQiyMC https://t.co/C41JeXVnku

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