#QAnon – A Primer by Citizen Journalist @JennyHatch #Pizzagate

I like to craft videos using news clips from current events, memes, and really great musical accompaniment to quickly share what I perceive to be the top news stories of the day.

I realized Q was a legit source of information around Easter of 2018 when President Trump mentioned tippy top.

Since then I have added Q drops, tweets, and excellent parody clips from my fellow meme meisters to quickly craft my movies to share on the internet. These parodies are designed to give you a good belly laugh every day.

The level of censorship my videos have been subjected to has let me know that I manage to get the tone right most of the time.

If you are a progressive, imagine how incensed you would be if someone made it impossible for you to get your daily show chuckle from Trevor Noah every night.

My audience has consistently reported to me the difficulty they have faced even opening my videos on You Tube.

To all the leftists reading this right now,

I have been heckled, mocked, slandered, bullied, and laughed at my whole life for my political views.

Grow up.

You people are eminently mockable and I would like to thank all of you for providing me and my content creating pals with a limitless supply of memeable material. YOU are the gift that keeps on giving.

Below are the videos that I crafted over this past week or so.

I also embedded my interview with Fiona Barnett. If you do not know who this amazing woman is or what she has done for humanity, you just might be limiting yourself in terms of media exposure.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny Hatch