You Tube is threatening to delete my channel

UPDATE – a few days later…

You Tube just pulled my posting privileges for NINETY DAYS! The video they claim was so toxic was my OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION!

Here is that very oath on Instagram.

I will be back in December You Tube family! Here is a Christmas song to hold you until then, taped this very week!

Silent Night, the Sally DeFord arrangement


You Tube gave me a two week time out for another strike. So I am sharing this most recent video here.

Jenny Hatch

And below are three examples of my work. I do not understand why anyone would take issue with what I do.

Blogger Jenny Hatch


  1. I really enjoy your channel. Thank you for all your time and efforts. I’ve been enlightened. I usually dont comment mostly I just read but I’ve found peeps would rather you respond mostly. I thought they were making enough sound for me too. Blessing to you and yours. I’ve saved some of your videos in hope to get to watch them later. Again Thank you!
    I love the lion. Smiles. Reneau S.

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