RIP Sherri Kane @JennyHatch #HealthFreedom activist’s untimely death

“In the words of her beloved husband, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, ‘God didn’t have a mold when he created Sherri Kane.’

There will never be another like her, close friends say.

Sherri passed away last week with her ‘soul mate,’ ‘Lenny,’ by her side.

Sherri lived her life as a fearless activist and investigative journalist using her keyboard as a weapon to avenge her adversaries’ abuse of women and children.

She also had a heart to protect ‘non-humans,’ as she referred to animals who would often instantly affectionately engage her loving spirit as though she was Saint Francis reincarnated.

I sang How Can I keep from Singing during an hour when Sherri was having brain surgery, weeping as I sang.

When I organized the 2009 Denver rally against the H1N1 vaccine, I told Sherri that I wanted to name the demons during the rally. She thought that was a great idea and crafted Wanted for Genocide posters to call them out publicly. We did so on that fateful day.

Dr. Horowitz has been posting memories from all over the world from those who knew and loved Sherri Kane on his website HERE.

Jenny Marie Hatch

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